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Alactel A206G – A smart phone for a smart user[amnr src=’’]

The Alcatel A206G is a simple yet stylish feature phone. The phone comes in a slim flip-style body and has large easy to use buttons. Unlike most standard phones that only allow users to make calls and send messages, this phone has an inbuilt 3G browser that allows users to connect to the internet. Even better, the phone is affordable and is a great choice for those looking for a simple and affordable device that supports the Tracfone service. Below is a detailed Alcatel A206G review that highlights some of the phone’s notable features. Here, you will also find the pros and cons that come with this device and some of the reasons why this phone stands out from the rest.

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Notable Features

3G Network Speed

This has to be the A206G most outstanding feature. The fact that Tracfone are updating from the[amnr src=’’] [amnr src=’’] 2G network makes this a great buy for those who have 2G devices and want to continue enjoying this prepaid service. It also helps that 3G network provides faster download speeds and faster access to apps and data.

Large Buttons

Unlike most modern phones that come with an extremely small keyboard, the Alcatel A206G comes with large buttons. This buttons are not only easy to use but they make calling and texting on the phone easier especially for senior people who may have a hard time working with small buttons.

Supports Tracfone Service

Tracfone is the leading prepaid service providers. Most people looking for a non-contract service provider choose to go with Tracfone as opposed to other providers. The fact that this phone supports the Tracfone service is a plus especially for people who have been using Tracfone for years and know the benefits that come with this service.

Longer Talk Time

This phone comes with a 4.7 hour talk time and a standby time of more than 6 days. This is the standard talk time for most standard phones.

Hearing Aid Compatibility

This phone is compatible to hearing aid which makes it an ideal choice for people with hearing problems.

FM Radio, MP3 Player, and Camera

The Alcatel A206G is more than just a device for making calls and connecting to the internet. The phone also comes with an FM radio and an MP3 Player. Users can keep abreast with what is happening around them and also get to enjoy some music. The phone also comes with a camera. The camera quality is low and cannot be compared to that of modern smartphones. It is, however, quite a try for a phone in this category.

Other features include a video recorder, hands-free speaker, 1000 entries phonebook, an alarm clock, a calendar, a calculator and a color screen.



This phone is very affordable. Though different establishments offer this phone at different prices, the price is way below what is charged for most standard phones.

User Friendly

Everything from the flip design to the large buttons is designed to make this an easy to use device. For people who may have a hard time navigating through a smartphone, this is definitely a great choice. The phone gets the job done and does not come with numerous features that add little if any value at the end of the day.

Many Great Features

For a standard phone that comes at a low price, this phone is definitely a bargain. The phone comes with all the key features that all mobile phone users look for. The phone also contains other features designed to make life easier for the users.


Tiny Screen

The Alcatel A206G comes with an extremely small screen. Though this contributes to the overall compact design, a larger screen would have enhanced the user experience and made the phone much easier to use.

Can be challenging to adjust volume

Adjusting volume with this phone is not as easy. One has to go to the settings and adjust the volume from there.

Low ringer sound

A weak ring sound is a constant complain in most Alcatel A206G reviews by users. Users can, however, buy other ringtones that are more recognizable even when the phone is some distance away.

Going by this Alcatel A206G review it is clear that this phone is a great buy. It works perfectly, comes with all essential features, and is generally easy to navigate. The fact that it supports the Tracfone service is a plus. Though the phone also comes with some weaknesses, the pros by far outweigh the cons. It helps that the phone comes at a low price and is affordable to most if not all people.

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