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TracFone is a cell phone service provider that offers both mobile devices and airtime cards. If you buy one of their newer smartphone models, you’ll also receive data while installing an airtime card. You can use such data to surf the web and do all other things that an Internet connection would allow.

Some of the popular smartphone models that TracFone offers its services by default are the LG Ultimate 2, LG Power, and LG sunset.Now before moving on to data utility and how smartphones utilize it, it is necessary to assess other things.

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This data card is a type of service that adds more data usability on your phone without any additional minute or text value. This card can only be used on a Tracfone supported smartphone or one that offers BYOP functionality. Currently, there are two attractive offers available – the tracfone 2gb data card and a tracfone data card 4gb.

Users are free to choose either of the two variants depending on their need for browsing the web. Currently, the service is only available in the USA and supports only Android and BYOP smartphones. It also does not add service days or minutes, which is a misconception many have.

On purchasing and activating this data card, you receive the pin number almost immediately via email. This data card can mean a fantastic opportunity for those who do not want to make calls or send texts.

How is data utilized on TracFone devices?

Now before you go ahead and buy these cards, let’s take a look at how data works. Data is generally a term used to describe the information you can upload or download on a cell phone network. It is usually counted in the form of megabytes gigabytes based on its convenience and value.

Data will get spent while doing various activities, like browsing Facebook, checking email, visiting web pages, downloading images, or watching videos. This is what we call the “information” that is getting exchanged, which you see through your smartphone. Data is used up based on the megabytes of information you upload or download.

Suppose you download an image of 5 MB, it will cost you 5 MB of data from your network. Similarly, if you visit a light web page that takes 2 MB of data, then 2 MB will get spent. This is a useful feature that is available on new smartphones, which was unavailable in the previous generation.

As you can understand by now, that data works quite similar to how call minutes function. You get charged based on how much you use it. The only differences that call rates are counted on time and data is calculated on megabytes.

How much is the data worth?

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While the common queries that people ask are that how much is a certain amount of data worth? This is an excellent question because most people tend to make a fair estimation what airtime card would suit them best. But if you’re unfamiliar with the data consumption trends of smartphones, estimate can be quite hard to reach.

Let’s take for example; you have 300 MB of data left to be used. According to the facts published by the company, you can do necessary tasks without any interruption.

• You can browse up to 245 pages while surfing the web

• Send close to 4100 emails on the nationwide network of Tracfone

• Browse social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for up to 15 hours

• Continuously stream music from Pandora, Spotify for 10 hours

Yes! These are all statistics published by Tracfone regarding how much you can accomplish with just 300 MB of data. Imagine how many opportunities wait with even larger data card packages.

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How easy is using this service?

Activating and deactivating the TracFone data card service is easy as counting 1 2 3. All you have to do is going to your smartphone settings, select the data, and switch it ON or OFF. Yes, it’s that simple! And what’s better is that being connected to any Wi-Fi network, either at home or office, does not use up data. It is also for safelink compatible phones.

With so many advantages and very easy usability, why wouldn’t anyone like to make use of this data service by TracFone? Check it out for yourself and then decide.

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