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If you own an LG 306g smartphone, chances are you would prefer a specifically designed case, holster or pouch which is intended for use with your particular model. While there are countless cell phone cases in available, not every case offers the protection, fit and style as one which was manufactured exclusively for its targeted model.Just as there are several models of LG smartphones in existence, there are equally as many of cases designed to form the perfect union. Here is a closer look at all the company has to offer, in the way of case accessories for their phones.


For style and practicality, LG offers Neoprene and nylon pouches, complete with belt clip. This is a standard, affordably priced pouch in a simple design. Basic in its simplicity, it’s an option for those who don’t require anything elaborate. There are horizontal style leather cases made expressly for this model as well.


For the fashion conscious females, there are attractive cases which come in animal prints, such as the black and white striped zebra pattern. You’ll find these stunning styles in leather and velvet. A wide array of fashionable designs include camouflage in hunter green, and rubberized cases which come in bright, vibrant colors.

LG has also provided a selection of officially licensed cases and pouches for the sports enthusiast. Featuring logos of the NBA, MLB, NCAA, and NFL, they’re stylish as well as functional. For those who wish to show support to their college, LG 306g features a line of cases featuring college logos.

The company has produced select styles of cell phone cases in soft lambskin which has been popular among customers. Conversely, their hard shell cases offer ultimate protection against damage. They’re available in various styles and colors, including psychedelic schemes, patriotic, stripes and solids.

Carrying cases which will protect your cellular phone and store other equipment, such as mp3 players, digital cameras and iPods are also available. Providing multi-purpose use, they’re aimed to minimize the added accessories to take on the go. Some resemble a stylish high fashion bag, with a quilted cover, and zippered closure.

As in the case of all styles of holsters, pouches, bags and cases designed especially for LG 306g phones, they are made of durable material and must pass stringency and quality assurance tests. You can find LG 306g phone cases at your local LG Retailer, cell phone distributor or service provider.

LG 306g Case Accessories

Functions and features are secondary to LG 360g case quest for aesthetic. Their famous Black Label series is responsible for three design masterpieces in the LG Chocolate, the LG Shine and the latest, the LG Secret. Design has been at the forefront of LG’s efforts to create cell phones that put style and chic above all else. But that isn’t to say that LG’s phones are minimal. All phones come with a dose of standard features and options, and some of these are notably outstanding. However LG’s focus is clearly on producing the visually appealing.

Along with their sleek phones come stylish LG 360g phone accessories. The standard headset, like all LG phones, the LG 306g case is beautifully crafted and offers remarkable sound quality. This wired headset is no match for the LG wireless Bluetooth stereo headset, which offers hands free connectivity. The Bluetooth Stereo Headset is comfortable, easy to use and provides high quality stereo sound for up to 10 hours. Data cables and memory are other essential accessories for seamless PC to phone data transfer needed by the music and video entertainment on the LG phones. Synchronize your phone contacts, back up your messages and perform software updates using a cable for convenience.

Final Thoughts

Because of their sleek metallic finish most LG 360g phones, the Shine in particular, are prone to fingerprint smudging. A quick solution is the LG Shine case which prevents the phone from looking like a mess after a call. LG 306g case’s are handy options to protect the phone from the elements and to make these already chic phones even more stylish. With custom colors and patterns, you can add your own unique statement to your LG cell phone. Other LG accessories such as leather cell phone cases, holsters and belt clips are useful when on the move. Combined with a headset, they enable hands free usage possible.

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