Lg g stylo otterbox review

Evocel LG G Stylo 2

[amnr src=’http://amzn.to/2jgO1MD’] Lg G Stylo Otter Box

The lg g stylo otterbox is a phone protector case that protects the android device with its dual layer rough holster case. This case provides multiple strata of protection. It has a tender shock AB2sorbing silicone interior layer with a tough and resistant poly-carbonate hard external covering. The shell readily slides in the outward locking belt clip swivel holster.

Lg g stylo otterbox has a built in locking kick stand that is suitable for proper visibility of the content in different topographical orientation. This enables easy slideshow and video viewing. The availability of 180-degree spinning swivel belt clip on this lg g stylo otterbox gives room for various carrying options. The case is very strong, sturdy and very protective in nature. The rough holster cover readily fits the android phone. It also protects your electronic device from frequent wear and tear which may occur during your daily chores. The cover is available in the market in different colors.

The hip-clips is connected to the pockets, waistbands and briefcases to see to it that the device does not shift. This keeps it in place safely.

The Lg g otterbox is suitable for most devices such as phones, digital cameras or even mp3 players. They come in different dimensions. The following are the features, pros and cons of the cover.


· Lg g stylo otterbox is strong. It has a three layer protective cover for lg g only. The three protective layers are meant to withstand drops, shock and bumps.

· The screen protector which is built-in protects it from scratches

· The presence of port covers ensures it’s kept free from debris and dust.

· Availability of belt clip holster is to improve the strength as a kick stand for media hands-free viewing

· The product covers all the angles of the device and the rear of the device to offer a safe fit and feel

· It is made of stainless steel.

· Some have expandable space for storage.

· Has 180 degrees rotating swivel belt clip


· It is cheap and therefore it’s affordable for most customers. The lg g otterbox is provided at a low price all year round.

· It is able to protect every contour on android device from harmful drops

· It is strong and durable

· The screen protector protects the phone from harmful scratches. This keeps the phone’s touch screen in pixel-good condition

· The port covers protect the phone from harmful debris and dust

· It has a replaceable battery which has a long life span

· They have high quality cameras

· It gives the phone elegant outward look and does well for many phone parts.

· The available ports are covered to keep dust and dirt off.

· They are made of lightweight material and this makes them easy to be carried around.


· The cases may not be suitable for other phone models.

· The belt clip holster may not be compatible with the thirty pin adapter for lighting or USB lighting wires which are not apple branded.

· Does not have many tools for productivity like those of Samsung galaxy Note 4

· The mobile version has limited internal storage space.

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