LG G2 Phone Cases: A Quick Review & Guide

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LG G2 Phone Cases Review[amnr src=’http://amzn.to/2gYbQdD’]

The LG G2 is an excellent mobile, and many of us love to customize it or are in love with accessories nowadays, so we thought about the many phone cases available for it on Amazon.

There are so many cases out there it is hard to know where to start looking, so we thought about giving you a quick overview and a little guide on how to choose these accessories in a smart way.

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A Case Guide: Design, Protection, Price and Brand

First of all, you have to think about the style of G2 case you’re looking for, as they come in all shapes, sizes, designs and with different intended uses.

When someone asks you about what case to offer you – even more often now that it’s Christmas – you need to answer properly, so it’s worth it to think about it a bit.

First, you should decide on the price range, brand, and intended use. There are eye catcher cases, focusing only on design, protective ones that stop your phone from shattering on the ground, hybrids that try to do both and minimalists that try to do none.

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How Phone Cases’ Materials Can Impact your LG G2:

Following on with this guide, we have to let you know the materials in which the accessory is made are also important factors to consider.

Tough cases, or those who are solid, have the drawback of sometimes breaking off the cell phone if they fall to the ground, and sometimes the cases even shatter when you sit on them, or some other accident happens.

On the other hand, you have silicon cases, but if you ever used those you know they collect a lot of dust, even if they don’t shatter.

TPU-based ones tend to offer fewer drawbacks but are arguably less protective than their solid or silicon counterparts.

Finally, those trendy flip cases tend to be a bit cumbersome. So it is all about what drawbacks you cope with better, and you should try all of those varieties to get a better idea on what you prefer, so try to at least use one of each at some point in your life.

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Colors: Don’t Buy a Case Only for Its Color

Finally, one should also consider the color of the accessory.

Sometimes people are shopping and see a case they like, ending up buying it when they don’t even have the cell phone on them to use it for comparison.

What happens is that even though the protective case is good looking, the color sometimes contrasts poorly with the phone itself.

A rule of thumb is to always have your cell phone on hand if you’re buying a new case, and if you buy it online be sure to try to check a picture of the case being used with the LG G2 or at least place the cell phone close to the monitor and try to perceive whether the color “suits it” or not.

We hope this guide has shown you some ways in which you can easily buy LG G2 cases in a smart way, taking informed decisions. Amazon has great prices on them, and we definitely recommend checking them out.

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