LG k7 Product Description and Review

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Android has 8GB internal memory and it is has a slot for Micro SD memory card. The phone is sleek and some of its key features include the following. It has 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 Processor. The phone is also comprised of a 5 Megapixel Camera that is found at the back and front. The LCD is five inches which give the phone a brilliant display. The other notable feature of the phone is that it has a speakerphone which is good for high sound purposes. The phone has a music player and this is important since other people want entertainment as they perform various tasks. These different features of the phone have been specifically designed to fulfill various needs of the consumers.

Hidden Features of the LG K7

The review of LG K7 4G K330 LTE has shown that it is comprised of many features that are attractive to the users. First and foremost, it can be seen that the phone is totally functional and all the features are designed to fulfill various needs of the users. The LG k7 has shown that the phone is small and some people have commended this size since it is convenient. The phone can easily fit in a pocket which is good especially when one is traveling.

The other notable aspect about the phone is that it has the removable battery which can be replaced if the original one has malfunctioned. This is a big advantage given that one does not necessarily need to throw away the phone once it shows signs of damage to the battery. The phone can use Micro-SD card for additional memory which also facilitates data transfer to another device such as the computer. This is convenient since the Micro SD card can simply be removed from the phone and inserted into another device.

LG K7 Tips and Tricks

However, there are certain things about the cell phone that people have often complained about. Some think that the volume and functionality of buttons are not perfect. For instance, a momentary delay can be witnessed with regard to buttons. Some customers have also complained about the size of the phone which they think is so small. This makes it difficult to type a message given the closeness of the letters on the keypad.

Weaknesses of the LG K7

The major notable weakness that has not been reviewed is that one cannot move photos from the phone to the computer using a USB cable. This is problematic since many people would love to transfer documents such as pictures from their phones to computers for safe storage. The other thing about the LG k7 is that its battery life is on the short side. It can last four hours and it cannot charge on a different cord apart from its original one. Whilst this may be intended to protect the battery, it has its negative impacts since people may require charging their phones with other alternative sources in case of emergency. Some have said that the touch screen is unpredictable since it often gives undesired results.

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