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LG Optimus Tracfone

Every so often we are lucky enough to come out with something where we can say first-ever, only time, and we love it when we can do that with our phones because there are lots of phones out there you can look at but the lg optimus is brand-new, the us launch of this phone and at first time we ever had the lg here with android operating system[ reading], you get the triple minutes and text and min data and we will start you off with 600 min.

Right out of the gate, 600 texts and 600 mb of data right out of the gate and there are no contracts or things to sign or bills or overage charges or hidden fees or costs. What you will c get today before anyone else gets a chance to el get it is the lg get it optimist $484 phone at$ including shipping with four of sh the payments of $32.49. This has everything you want.

In addition to the android operating system you ope have 1 gb processor and three different home screens and a three megapixel camcorder and a 3g wi-fi. And you also have your gps navigation, google voice commands and I desire the giant inch touchscreen, easy I to access, and anyone that has trouble seeing their phone should look at this phone. If you wear glasses or contacts or have issues with your site, it is the one for you.

And the smart app suite is included. Any time you put money in ti the bank, you insure this right here, they will triple the amount of money that you put in there. Anytime you are doing text or data everything is likely to be tripled each time and that means if you went out and bought a $60 card, guess what. That c is multiplied up to 180 and the same with data a if you bought 120 there it goes up to 360, 360 and 360.

You are getting something that has the biggest screen we have ever had, inch touchscreen and like guy yovan said if you have a difficult time seeing the phone you is likely to be able to see everything going on here and you will only spend money on things that you are thin using with no contract u or hidden fees or or hid overage or hidden cost. When you are a tracfone customers and we have many loyal customers man that have had the service many years. You will desire it because we will load you up with 600 min. To get you started and that includes 600 text messages than 600 mb of data. Your fund goes further with this program than ever before.

You’re not just using that 600 minutes and it must cover your text messages and data usage. This is giving you a bit of everything along the way. It is the best and most affordable way for you to get a high-end smart phones and the sma most feature-rich smartphone we have ever offered and you offered mentioned the 1 ghz processor in the most powerful processors and a three megapixel camcorder. And you have access to the google placed or that is built right into the phone and the android the and jellybean operating system that is smooth sy and easy and reliable in when we talk about the things you can do with your smart phone, with google play your unlimited. This is at& t and t-mobile and a combination of the two. If you went to either of those major retail she would pay more money and would be stuck in a two-year contract and tw you will not get the combination of services but with the lg optimus II you are getting something that will not lock you in and it will give you some of the give best service coverage in the country, 99.9% of the the country is covered.

Think about this. If you jump in the car gone a great road trip with your family this summer and you drive halfway across the country and you’ll probably never miss a phone call. Unless you are in some weird place like a mountaintop somewhere, or lost in the jungle or you should be able to make phone calls. Realistically it is such a great option for the folks out there.

For most n of us out there just hitting out of that existing contract will e be more expensive than this is likely to be cheaper to buy the phone and get bu out of that contract and say that amount of money every month. For most of you, $50 or $60 per you, month is all you will mo use on your phone use on anyway. Why spend more than that? And I desire the fact you never get a bill. Consider this as your bank account. Just like with a bank account, would you want someone else messing with your account and telling you how much money you have in there or would you rather know yourself? Would you like to know that every time you placed a dollar into your bank account the banker jose now you have three dollars or when you put in 100 they will articulate you have $300 in say your account. This triples the amount of investment you put into it every time you do it that and you can invest right to your phone on your credit card and you that is all you need to do.

I want another 60 min. Or 180 min. This might be the most affordable smart phone in the country if you are looking for the high-end features and it is as little as seven dollars per month. This is a minute type of plan and if you want to use this for international for in calling you is likely to be able to use it for all of those international calls to over 100 different international destinations so check this out. I have a girlfriend that lives in Australia. She and I can now and I can communicate in 1 min. Is 1 min. If you call 1 min across the street or around the block or halfway across “The worlds”.

You could buy two or three of these. When it comes out this is it what it is likely to be.[ read] you can watch and read your favorite magazines write online with a $50 voucher from zinio. When this phone is launched at retail in a month or two it is likely to be $129 but it does not come with any d of the extras.

We are including the wall and the phone charger and the application pack. And you have eight personal assistant. If you love the service but you crave a higher and phone from lg, this is it. I have a google taskbar and if I crave to do a quick want search I can go in and s do a search using the keyboard that automatically adjusts to whatever direction I am using it or I can use us the built-in microphone and I have an assistant who can answer anything for me. Check this out.

If you crave to know anything, when I wake up in the morning I crave to know the weather and I grab my tracfone. What is the weather like? This leads out to the internet and find the weather. In and the biggest screen a we have ever offered and the ability to have entertainment on the go whether it is Netflix and one thing I desire about the application pack is an office suite of programs and I got an e-mail from bill duggan and he sent me a spreadsheet and I can sp pop into the spreadsheet right here and look at that and added it right on board my brand-new lg optimus dynamic ii. It o is the latest technology when it comes to when it tracfone and a minute is a minute for international calling. You’re only spending money on what you actually use and if you are an existing tracfone customer and you have cu 365 min.

On your 365 min existing tracfone you ex can roll that over, unlimited rollover and you can roll it over to this phone but we also give you 365 text messages and 365 mb of data that comes along with that so your fund goes further with this program than ever before.  Jump on this now because when it comes out you will not get all the extras. You will not get everything else we are including with this. It is likely to be $129 just for the phone. We have free shipping so you do not pay to get it home and p we will send it out on four of these payments f of$ and you saw of the long list of all that is comes with it and you have the gps and a three gps and megapixel camera and camcorder all built-in and you have google and play store and everything is included.

You have it all at a great price. Do not go out and spend 400 and $600. If you have kids looking for a new phone it is ideal because you can manage their phone service. >> guest: do not spend more than you need to. >> host: do not spend $1200 per year when you can spend as little as $100 or less per year. Every time you put money in their they will in triple it. We include tr the car charger. With 1 min. Left, go for it. Mi now is the time. If you bought the power now! Charger that will work with this phone as well and charge this phone up about four times. You ab are good to go on both counts and a great emergency phone and if you lost your phone and you crave a great fun this is the one.

Many people say I will pick this up as a transition phone as but keep this one but because it is the one you’ll want because it has everything! Without that giant price tag. >> guest: continue your same phone number and with a two-year contract you can get beat up. And you can do your selfies right here. A three megapixel camera mega-pix built-in and the nicest camera and how funny is that! I might have to th put that on Facebook or maybe that part on facebook. The nicest camera the biggest camera screen we have ever offered from tracfone of and you get the customizing you are looking for when it look comes to the android operating system.

You can make this phone your own and do everything in “The world” with it and you may get 600 min. And you text messages and data built-in. You can try it out with our 30 day money back guarantee and you have g 60 days to get it going. Take it home and take a 531 00:14: 08,133 look at it. Lori leland.

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