Samsung Galaxy Stardust Review

samsung galaxy stardust review

The Samsung Galaxy Stardust smartphone Reviewed

[amnr src=’’] is available with Tracfone service. Its physical structure has a very similar resemblance to the LG Optimus Fuel and the previously released Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphones.

Tracfone has an increasing number of Android powered mobile devices on their roster. Each year, they have been releasing brand new phones which can only be used exclusively with their prepaid service.

The Samsung Galaxy Stardust makes use of CDMA towers using the Verizon service. Its specifications are exactly the same as the previously released Tracfone smartphones.

It is an affordable phone which lets you perform all the basic necessities you require from a mobile device. It currently retails for $99.99 online. Let’s take a closer look into the Samsung Galaxy Stardust review.

samsung galaxy stardust review


The Samsung Galaxy Stardust uses Android 3.4 Jelly Bean and obtains 3G connectivity from Verizon towers. It is fully capable of both WiFi and GPS services. It also has built in Bluetooth 4.0 and a hands free speaker. One of the unique functions of this device is that it is eligible to have the plan called triple minutes for life.

It allows users to split their minutes into text, talk or data services. The smartphone also has a gravity tilt or shake sensor. For users with hearing problems, the device is also compatible with hearing aids.

It can store up to 64GB of memory using a MicroSD card. The phone has a 4 inch touchscreen display and 1.2Ghz Dual Core Processor. It also has an 8GB internal memory and 1 GB RAM. It weighs 4.1 ounces.

Since the device has a 1500 mAh battery, it can last up to a maximum of 12 hours talk time or 11 days in standby mode. Tracfone promo codes are currently available to help you save some money on your order. In this Samsung Galaxy Stardust review, we have been able to clearly identify the features and specifications of this device.

samsung galaxy stardust review


One of the biggest pros of the Samsung Galaxy Stardust is its ability to store more memory compared to the Ace Style models. It actually has twice the amount of internal memory and RAM found in Samsung’s Ace smartphones. This is a big advantage since it means that it can have more apps running at the same time without experiencing any lags.

Using Tracfone promo codes are a great way to enjoy bigger savings than having to pay for the regular price. In terms of cons, the Samsung Galaxy Stardust is slightly lacking in terms of screen size when compared to the LG Ultimate 2 smartphone. The latter has a bigger screen of 4.5 inches while Samsung only has 4 inches. However, they both have the same capacity for internal memory and RAM. They also make use of a similar processor.

The biggest difference between the two devices is that the Ultimate 2 makes use of a newer version of Android which is Android 4.4. This is the main reason why some people prefer the LG Ultimate 2 rather than the Samsung Galaxy Stardust. However, some people prefer a smaller screen which makes Samsung more preferable.

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