Samsung Tracfone: LG 306g Tracfone Review

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The LG 306g is one of their 2014 editions. It is similar to the LG 840G, small in size and does not run on an Android operating system. It runs on the GSM network, and its features and specs are comparable to other Tracfone devices such as Samsung S390G, LG 530G or the LG 840G.

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LG306g Samsung Tracfone Features:

ü Size: 4.08″ x 0.47″, Weight: 3.72 OZ

ü A capacity of 100 phone book contacts

ü Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Recorder, Voicemail

ü Text and picture messaging

ü 2MP Camera

ü 3.2″ Touchscreen

ü Wifi internet options

ü Bluetooth file sharing option

ü 3G internet speed

ü 4GB Microchip card

ü 5 Choice home screens

ü Hands-free speaker

ü Battery Life of 3 hours talk time, 17 days on Standby

ü Gravity Sensor (tilt sensor)

LG 306g Pros

The Samsung Tracfone compares to the LG 840G Tracfone which is quite a popular phone for the Tracfone users. Thus, the LG 306g has many similar great features, including the following:

3G speed WiFi access is a welcome plus for this phone. It’s high internet speeds make it more valuable and dependable when it comes to surfing or chatting over the web connections.

Its 3.2″ Touchscreen is excellent, durable and reliable. The touch screen is reasonably bright and responsive with five free home screens to customize all great widgets making it quite functional.

Battery life on the Samsung Tracfone is good, compared to other smartphones of its class. It may take a few days with minimal use or perhaps a week of light use since the phone has an average standby of 17 days.

The phone comes with a 4GB Micro SD card to store pictures, music, and videos. Heavy users can upgrade to a larger storage capacity with an extra SD card capacity of 32GB.

The LG 306g does not use the ‘3 buckets’ calling minutes system, but rather uses one pool for talk time minutes, data and texting. It is a preferred phone for heavy text users, as well as callers. It comes with Triple Minutes for Life. Most importantly, the minutes get tripled upon re-loading.

The Samsung Tracfone uses the GSM network, mostly operating on the AT&T cell phone services.

Lastly, this phone has the Tracfone Promo Code features just in case it gets stolen or you misplace your phone, rest assured it will be tracked and found.


The lack of a primary Android operating system is disappointing as it offers thousands of apps. The LG 306G has limited applications available, making it less valuable for extra features.

The 2MP camera produces inferior quality photos compared to other smartphones.

Limited phone contacts capacity, which means buying extra memory, is inevitable to store almost everything on the added SD memory card, from photos to videos, and also additional file downloads from emails.

An Overview of the LG 306g

The LG 306G has many similar features to the LG 840G. It is a simple, durable cell phone and a good choice for people on a tight budget who just want a communication device. It may not be too fancy, but it’s very functional. Tracfone Wireless is a prepaid mobile phone company that provides cheap phones, loaded with talk time minutes to clients throughout the US. Some of their renowned products include Samsung and Android smartphones.
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