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Hello and welcome to this video showcasing some of the best cases around at launch for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We love to hear your feedback, so if you think we’ve missed anything out or you love one of the cases we’ve featured, please let us know in the comments. We kick off with the Clear View cover from Samsung. This official case has been refined for the S7 Edge so to improve upon the already extremely popular case and fix old issues that hampered its reputation. With new materials used and a re-design of how the front cover sits, all scratching issues that surround the S6 Edge version of this case have now been solved. While this is the case, we do still recommend giving both the case and your phone’s screen a quick wipe down from time to time just so as to make sure no scratches appear.

Back to the good stuff now and we take a look at the super-smart, yet slimmed down version of the S View window. Keeping you informed in the most elegant way possible, the Clear View cover alleviates the need for a big bulky and quite frankly ugly looking window, in order to display stylish notifications through your front cover. With the style does come some drawbacks however as you don’t get as much functionality as you would with an S View case. But for me that is fine as I don’t want to use my whole phone through the front cover anyway. With sleep wake built in and Qi charging compatible, this is truly one of the best choices around for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Next up we have the High Pro Shield from VRS Design. This case has been beautifully crafted with a stunning two tone design that perfectly compliments your phone. The slim fitting nature and natural grip makes using your S7 Edge in this case an absolute breeze, while you stay safe in the knowledge that if an accidental knock or drop was to occur that your phone would stay safe and secure thanks the cases impact resistant design.

The airspace interior has been designed in such a way that impacts and force is dispersed through the case so to absorb the impact. With full access to all ports and features this case is sure to popular with the everyday user, who wants a great mix of protection, style and functionality. Up next we have the LED cover from Samsung.

This official case, first seen with the Note 4 and then never again until now, features an unique dot matrix display which appears as if by magic through the front cover. This clever section provides a window to your phone, allowing you to see the time, view notifications and even interact with them all without ever having to open your front cover. Another great feature of the LED window is that you can assign your favorite contacts a special LED image so that you instantly know who’s calling through the LED caller ID feature. The case doesn’t require any power and doesn’t even need to be paired to your phone via Bluetooth. By simply putting your S7 Edge into the case, you instantly pair via NFC, relieving the hassle of having to search through endless Bluetooth devices. With sleep / wake built in, you can easily save battery life as well as making using your phone on a daily basis a much more pleasant and convenient experience. Now we come to the Olixar genuine leather wallet case. This case is a great all rounder, fusing great all round protection with exquisite style.

What’s more the case is also jam packed with functionality. Allowing you to effortlessly store multiple cards and even cash with the document pocket underneath. Folding into a media viewing stand, the Olixar genuine leather wallet quickly props up your S7, allowing you to watch movies on the go or at home. The finish is second to none with a luxurious padded genuine leather design that looks and feels fantastic. Finally we have the Symmetry series from otterbox. A slimmed down version of the defender series minus a screen protector, the symmetry case creates a perfect way of protecting your phone whilst not adding an incredible amount of bulk and weight to your device. The case is extremely resilient and durable, protecting your S7 Edge well against a wide range of elements through it’s dual layered design and raise bezel. Extremely quick and easy to install unlike some other cases from OtterBox, the symmetry case makes protecting your phone easy whilst keeping it useable. Definitely one for those who want good solid protection but who also want to preserve the look and feel of their phone.

Something which can get lost with more protective cases. I hope you enjoyed our selection of top cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. For more information on these incredible cases and more, please head over to Mobile Fun today!

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