How to Unlock lg 306g Smartphone with an Unlock Code

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Unlock Code LG 306G Smartphone

TracFone LG 306G is a wireless prepaid phone locked to only work in TracFone’s network. To work with other network providers, the phone must be unlocked through an unlock code. TracFone customer service department follows a set of strict rules to determine the eligibility of the consumer and even if the consumer is qualified it isn’t authorized to give the code for free, in which case most customers are required to buy it from an online retailer. To get the TracFone LG 306G unlock code;

Step 1: Get the phone’s IMEI

Your phone’s IMEI can be found by dialing *#06# on your phone and hitting ‘send’. Alternatively, you can remove the battery and check for the 15 digits number located on the label underneath the battery.

Step 2: Get the unlock code

You can get the unlock code in two ways.

First, you can opt to call TracFone. Give the customer representative your IMEI number, and you will be instructed on whether an unlock code can be provided.

Secondly, if you fail the eligibility test, you can navigate to one of the many online TracFone unlocking services. Most of these services require customers to enter the model of their phone, in this case, LG 306G and hit the unlock phone button or an equivalent depending on the site they choose to use. You will then be required to identify your current service provider and then the cost of the unlock code will be displayed. The cost is essentially determined by the age and type of the phone in use and the network that consumers are leaving.

Examples of some unlock codes most users receive are between 10 digits and 15 digits. The codes are different for every phone, and the codes that work on one phone cannot work on another.

Step three: Enter the unlock code

Remove the TracFone SIM card from your phone then put the battery in and switch on the phone.

To enter the LG 306G unlock code, the user must first have access to the hidden menu on their LG Tracfone’s. Accessing the menu is possible by dialing 2945#*71001#.

Once the menu is open, users need to click on the network provider option. It is located in settings on the menu option. Once on this menu, users are required to click on the option deactivate. The option prompts the user to insert the unlock codes.

Enter the unlock code. A message will be sent to inform if the code was accepted.

Step 4: Insert the new SIM card

Remove the battery once more and insert the new SIM card from you carrier. Reboot your samrtphone to remove TracFone for a carrier of your choice officially.

Unlocking TracFone LG 306G by code is the fastest and easiest way to make the device network free. It isn’t supposed to harm or make changes to your phone in any way.

Users are advised to be sure to make authentic, and genuine purchases from the LG 306G unlock code providers. A good unlock code removes the lock permanently with no harm to the software or warranty of the phone at any time.

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